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Transmission Service & Repair

Automatic transmission service and repair is a very specialized field. In the past, most work was done by specialty transmissions repair shop. But with new technology Hilltop Garage can handle your transmission concerns. From fluid and filter replacement to overhaul and even replacing the entire unit if necessary. 

Preventive Maintenance

Everyone is familiar with repairing a vehicle when it is broken, it's often expensive and inconvenient. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to prevent repairs? Preventive Maintenance can do just that. Having us check your vehicle and perform the recommended maintenance can go a long way in preventing unnecessary breakdowns. proper maintenance can not only prevent breakdowns but make the vehicle last longer and actually lower the overall cost of vehicle ownership. For instance, something as simple as replacing a fuel filter can help prevent an expensive fuel pump replacement. We can also do an evaluation of your vehicle and let you know where you stand. Should you keep this vehicle or is it time to consider another one? 

Engine Diagnosis & Repair

Malfunction Indicator Lamps (MIL) or more properly known to most people "annoying lights that are on dashboard" can be quite confusing, and annoying. First they come on, then they go off and just when you think everything is okay, they come back on! The MIL on modern vehicles can check for about 2000 different problems and conditions. It is an extremely complex system and is informing you that the vehicle has encountered a problem with the computer engine management systems. 


This is where the professionals at Hilltop Garage come in. We have the equipment and professionals to scan your vehicle to help find problems quickly, to save you money.

Call Hilltop Garage and find out why a professional diagnosis is the best investment you can make.

Electrical Repair & Diagnosis

There are few things on your vehicle that can cause more problems than electrical systems. Anything from a dead battery to a short circuit, the professionals at Hilltop Garage are trained and equipped to handle it. As with all our services, repair starts with a proper diagnose of the problem. Once diagnosed we not only provide you with the cost of repair we also guarantee that our repair will resolve the problem. Here are a few of the electrical problems we can solve:

  • Power windows and door lock
  • Power seats
  • Cruise control 
  • Charging systems, alternators, starters
  • Warning lights, air suspension, traction control, ABS
  • Lighting systems (Turn signals & Brake lights)

And much, much more. If it is an automotive electrical problem, chances are Hilltop Garage can solve it.


Hilltop Garage can test your braking system to detect potential problems, before the occur. For example, we use a refractometer to test the boiling point of your brake fluid. Boiling point is closely related to water content and by testing we can advise a change of fluid before serious corrosion occurs. We can also test the calipers for hydraulic pressure and clamping force, and rotors. At Hilltop Garage we realize the PRICE is not as important as the actual COST to our client. We work very hard to provide the overall lowest cost.

Air Conditioning

Many air conditioning problems are the result of two things; leaks and improper previous service. Leaks not only allow the loss of the refrigerant, but also a loss of  the oil that lubricates the system. Improper service can also have a desvastating affect on system life. Air conditioning is one service where cleanliness is the key to success. Improper service that damages your air conditioner system is very expensive. The professionals at Hilltop Garage are trained and equipped to properly service your system.

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